How to buy Blackbytes using BEEB

(thx @byteballjesus for this tutorial)

Download, install and open the Byteball wallet

Visit and download a wallet. For buying Blackbytes we recommend using a desktop wallet ( Windows, Mac or Linux).

Open wallet menu


Click ' BOT STORE'

Scroll down and click 'Blackbytes Exchange BEEB (Trustful) '

Click 'ADD BOT'

Select ' Click here to see order book' from the chat window

Scroll up to see the current listings of Blackbytes for sale

Decide which order you wish to buy

In this example we will buy 6000MB of Blackbytes. You can see the transaction order ID listed for each order

Click the ' click to buy BB' link beside the order you wish to buy

Click the 'payment request' link

The order is prefilled in the Byteball wallet. Click the 'SEND' button

This is the final step. Your Blackbytes will show up in your wallet after around 15 minutes.

View your received Blackbytes

From the Home tab click here to view your Blackbytes