The BEEB help menu

First [click here to peer with BEEB] then you can type help any time to display the BEEB help menu.
All commands are case insensitive.
All volumes are in MBB (Mega BlackBytes) and MB (Mega Bytes).
All prices are up to 4 decimals and expressed in MB/MBB.
All inputs must be space separated.

List of available commands:

  • help: displays help menu.

  • D: to Deposit a Blackbytes batch for sale, full multiples of MB only.
    Example: to deposit 1GBB (1000MBB) for sale @0.0351 MB/MBB type: D YOUR_BYTEBALL_ADDRESS 1000 0.0351

  • B: to Buy a Blackbytes batch or to place an open buy order (Bid).
      To buy batch id 1075 type: B YOUR_BYTEBALL_ADDRESS 1075
      To place a Bid of 1GBB @0.05 type: B YOUR_BYTEBALL_ADDRESS 1000 0.05

  • S: to Sale Blackbytes to a Bidder.
      To sell Blackbyte to bid offer number 2075 type: S YOUR_BYTEBALL_ADDRESS 2075

  • L: to List the order book.
      To list the whole book type: L all
      To list only your own orders type: L me
      To list orders with volume > 1050 MBB type: L vol > 1050
  • M: to Modify a BlackBytes batch sale price or a Bid price.
    Example: to modify the sell price of batch id 1175 to 0.22 MB/MBB type: M 1075 0.22

  • W: to Withdraw one of your batches (10kB fee).

  • H: to see your buy and sell History.
      To see your buy history type: H b
      To see your sell history type: H s
  • N: to be Notified when I have a Blackbytes batch for sale at price.
    Example: to be notified when I have a batch priced < 0.22 MB/MBB type: N 0.22

  • DAILY: (yes or no) to receive you daily trading report.

  • T: display BEEB Terms of services.